Jumbotron to Expose Late-Term
Abortion/Infanticide in East Coast Tour

Columbus, OH – April 30, 2019 – With the repeated votes of Senate Democrats (including 6 presidential candidates) refusing to protect born children from murder, the nation has regularly been confronted by the overt barbarism of abortion advocates. The debate is no longer about a woman’s right to choose but rather the right of a woman to have a dead baby as a result even if the baby has been born.

This is now a debate over infanticide.

We have no choice! We must act swiftly and aggressively to end this. Thousands of babies’ lives hang in the balance! We cannot simply watch in horror as new, draconian abortion laws take hold! This will not stand! We are assembling the team to go on the road with our highly effective JUMBOTRON!

JumboTron Tour of Late-Term/Infanticide States:

Where: New York, Vermont, Virginia, other states TBA.
When: June 2-8, 2019

If we had the resources, we would rent and deploy Jumbotrons to every state and every city in America. We would particularly target all the states where these hideous new laws are hitting the books. We would expose the truth of abortion to every voter in every state across America.

But we don’t.
However, the one thing we do have, perhaps the most important, we have teams of young people anxious to take our message to the streets!

If we can raise just $12,500 over the next few weeks, we can dispatch another Created Equal Jumbotron team to new target locations in late-term/infanticide states across America.

Can I count on you for your support? You can give online HERE or send your check to: Created Equal, PO Box 360502, Columbus, OH 43236. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

That truth is brutal; it is indisputable, and it is profound. In the years I have been fighting these battles, I have learned the most effective, anti-abortion message of all is showing a pro-choice audience an actual abortion being performed on the Jumbotron screen. We hold nothing back; it is the harsh, gruesome reality of blood-soaked truth.

Thank you for the support you have provided us in the past. God Bless You for everything you do that can end this carnage and save the babies!

Standing for the defenseless,

Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal

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