TX Attorney General Orders Centers to
Cease Performing Surgical Abortions

It's working! Keep calling!

Columbus, OH – Mar 24, 2020 – Yesterday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined Ohio in issuing a warning to the abortion businesses: "No one is exempt from the governor's executive order on medically unnecessary surgeries and procedures, including abortion providers. Those who violate the governor's order will be met with the full force of the law." Now we must make sure of it. In the meantime, in Ohio abortion centers are continuing to perform surgical abortion in defiance to Attorney General Dave Yost orders.

News also broke yesterday alleging Louisiana is abortion-free in the wake of orders to cease non-essential surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we trust the reports, we are also seeking verification now. We will let you know once we confirm the status. Stay tuned!

In related news, 30,000 physicians are united to decry pro-abortion efforts to continue elective abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the press release from the American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYNs. Also, a letter has been sent to Alex Azar, Secretary
Department of Health and Human Services, from national pro-life warning that the abortion industry is exploiting the COVD 19 crisis.

Finally, Christian leaders continue to join the #StopTheSpread initiative. Check out our current list of sponsors and leaders. Notable recent additions include: James Dobson; Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association; Jimmy Draper, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention..
To call your governor go to, to see the list of 50 states.

Now is not the time to slow down! Being quarantined at home does not mean we can cease our efforts. Pick up your phone to #StopTheSpread and grant babies a reprieve from death.

Click here for information on contacting your governor. Then consider calling a few more to help the national effort!

Will you commit to making 15 calls each day?


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For the vulnerable,

Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal

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