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"Yes, I do think [infanticide]'s okay." – UF Passerby 

Columbus, OH – April 9, 2015 – "I'm not seeing it as a human being," one woman declares in the latest clip released by Created Equal films. The new video portrays a conversation between Created Equal Director of Campus Outreach Jami Beer and a passerby at University of Florida (UF)—probably a UF employee or professor—during our recent Justice Ride. But what begins as a discussion on the humanity of preborn children soon turns to a debate over infanticide. Watch below!

New Video: "I'm not seeing it as a human being."

In his celebrated "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Today, we see exactly what he meant. Injustice to preborn children is a threat to justice for all humans—for example, newborn babies.

College students are giving the pro-life perspective a "hearing," but we are far from declaring victory as long as entire sectors support baby-killing and abortion remains legal.

If we fail to establish human equality, the lives of the preborn are not the only ones at risk. The worldview stripping personhood from preborn babies will move on to the next group of humans who are in the way or have something valuable to be stolen.

Join us as we defend the truth that all humans are created equal!

Standing our ground,

Mark Harrington, National Director, Created Equal

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