One Truth Will Help You Keep Your Cool

We recently released what might look like just another frontlines conversation video: respectful Created Equal intern talking with a passerby about abortion. But what struck us were some of the comments posted on the video:

  • "Best respectful conservation ever instead of just name calling." – Bryan Mills
  • "I really appreciate how respectful this conversation was despite the differences of opinion." – Rand0Ramb0
  • "This was one of the most respectful conversations I've ever seen! Why can’t it always be like this?" – Maddy E

These comments underscored what we all know: that civil dialogue on hot button topics is exceptionally rare these days.

And yet it’s a common, everyday experience for members of our team. What have we figured out that others haven’t? Watch the video and then scroll down to find out.

Keeping your cool may be rare in controversial topics today, but it is essential for our team since our goal is changing the cultural view of preborn humans.

So how do we do it? We remember one simple truth: It’s not about us.

Quick Conversation Tips: It’s Not About You

  • Who you represent: If we lose our cool, we fail as ambassadors of God and defenders of the babies. This is not an intellectual playtime or some ego-trip. When we keep our focus right—meaning not on ourselves—it is much easier to keep our cool.

  • What they really hate: When people are hateful toward us, we remind ourselves that they don’t really know us at all. Had they encountered us shopping at Wal-Mart, they wouldn’t have treated us so poorly. The difference is during outreach they can’t ignore our faith in God and conviction against abortion. This is what they hate. Remembering this, we don’t have to get personally offended. It’s not about us, after all.

  • We can’t change them: Our burden is to present the case for human equality before people. Yes, we must make it understandable. We must make it clear. But we cannot make people accept truth. If you believe that you must personally force people to open their eyes, you will be much more easily frustrated and potentially lose your cool.
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